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5 Steps

to Find Authentic, Responsible, Commitment-Worthy Men

Who Appreciate You and Want a Relationship…


(Even if You Haven’t Dated in Years or Have Never Dated a Man Who Treated You Right!)


Next Webinar Session


Own Your Love Life!

In this selective webinar I promise you will learn to

  • See where “the good ones” were hiding

  • Find and attract high-quality, fantastic people who are a phenomenal fit for you

  • Attract and keep YOUR “good one”

  • Identify poor fit partners and QUICKLY move them out of your life

  • Keep from spending time in go-nowhere relationships

  • Take the pain out of dating

  • Date to create the relationship of your dreams

  • Create a personalized, step-by-step strategy to find YOUR fantastic fit life-partner

  • How to Own Your Love Life and create a safe, confident, rewarding dating experience

  • Make dating easy, fun and Drama Free!

Portrait of Kelly Marie Hoffman

Presented by Kelly Marie Hoffman

Kelly Marie Hoffman has been a Transformational Mentor for over 15 years and currently dedicates her time to being "The Dating Mentor" her clients need in order to find the love of their life and create the relationship of their dreams. 


Kelly is Certified with an M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy, M.S. Recreation, and training at the Tony Robbins Coaches Academy. Not only is Kelly a sought-after Mentor, Coach, and Speaker, she is also an ABC TV personality, appearing for over 10 years on the morning show, AM Northwest.



I am on track and finally dating the right kind of men. I can't say enough about Kelly's program.


Following Kelly's advice made online dating so easy. My husband and I have been married for 15 years...  he is a wonderful man and we are such a good fit for each other. 


Kelly's program moved me from feeling and acting insecure and desperate to finally realizing that I have a lot to offer, and that the men I date are lucky. 

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